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LAKE CASITA in Lake Arrowhead

Shower Faucet Please check the following video to learn how to operate the shower faucet:

Lake Equipment and Recreation Equipment The below is available to all our guests (after signing a waiver) if something breaks kindly replace so our next guest will have it to use. Lake equipment is in the gray deck box and under the front deck.

ALWAYS WEAR LIFE WEST WHEN ON THE LAKE • 4 Beach Chairs • 1 Beach Umbrella • 4 Live Vest • 2 Sups and 2Paddles • 2 Kayaks and 2Paddles • 2 Fishing Poles • 1 Cooler • 2 Tennis Rackets and 10 Balls • 1 Basketball • 2 Pickle-ball Racket • 4 Hiking Sticks • Electrical Pump incase you need additional air in the kayaks or basketball

Beautiful library for all the family to enjoy.

Family Games There are family games in the tray by the sofa and in the bookshelf in the master bedroom. Enjoy boardgames or simply a game of cards for family game night.

Boat Rental in Lake Arrowhead phone 770-797-7026